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Jbe instruction
Jbe instruction

Jbe instruction

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instruction jbe

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Affected Flags: None Assembly Language Tutorials - Assembler language Instructions . *) JBE/JNA are different mnemonics for the same instructionDescription: IF (CF==1) OR (ZF==1) THEN JMP adr. Unsigned >= jb, Unsigned <. It jumps if it is 60+ items - x86 assembly tutorials, x86 opcode reference, programming,OpcodeMnemonicDescription.77 cbJA rel8Jump short if above (CF=0 and ZF=0)76 cbJBE rel8Jump short if below or equal (CF=1 or ZF=1)Intel 80x86 Assembly Language AH to zero. Purpose: Conditional jump. JBE Jump If Below or Equal Flags: not altered JBE short-label Jump Condition: Jump if CF = 1 or ZF = 1 Used after a CMP or SUB instruction, JBE transfers 70+ items - JBE - Jump if Condition Is Met. Opcode JBE. This instruction is also known to have an undocumented behavior. jbe from "". of previous CMP instruction is less than or equal to the second. Syntax: JBE label. jbe is the same as jle 15+ items - Looking more closely I found that many of the instructions wereInstructionDescriptionFlagsshort jump opcodesJOJump if overflowOF = 170JNOJump if not overflowOF = 071X86-assembly/Instructions/jbe - 23, 2013 - You are here: X86-assembly · Instructions. JBE (JNA) INSTRUCTION. jbe, Unsigned <= jc, Unsigned overflow, or multiprecision add In assembly, all branching is done using two types of instruction:. comparison. *CodeMnemonicDescription.77 cbJA rel8Jump short if above (CF=0 and ZF=0).76 cbJBE rel8Jump short if below or equal (CF=1 or ZF=1).X86 Assembly/Control Flow - Wikibooks, open books for an instruction pointer (EIP) register contains the address of the next .. CPU: i8086+. Type Of Instruction: User Instruction: JBE address. [ Back ] [ Next ].
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